Givenchy HAute fall 2010


(looks like a dress with full body amour)

(photos from
3 words to describe the collection- Extraordinary, romantic and deathly
It almost felt so epic.. like the War of love and beauty till death set us apart.. I was blown away by the amazing collection from Riccardo Tisci who have been influenced by religion and his designs are better known for the combination of catholic and gothic.
Tisci claimed that his current collection is influenced by Frida Kahlo(Mexican painter) for she is remembered for her work influence by pain and passion and her lifetime battle with spinal pain.
In this collection, he uses 4 types of colours- ceramic, nude, dark brown and gold. The nude dresses are decorated with Swarovski crystal that took 1600 hours to create whereas the gold dresses which is encrusted with gold paillettes, stone and beads. And as for the dark colour dress is decorated with leather and layers of ostrich feather.
Nevertheless, it is a breath-taking collection and my favorite look will definitely be the nude and gold albeit ceramic does look very amazing as it reminds me of a more intense and intrigue version of the white queen from Alice in the wonderland.

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