Another ad campaign

Kristen stewart has became a fashion icon eversince her appearance in twilight movies. I am sorry… I do not like teenage-vampire-hopeless-romantic movies albeit my fanaticism for fantasy and mythical character. Then again, she was snow white in Snow White and the Huntsman which leads to an editorial cover and spread for the latest July issue […]

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Floyd Grey’s Illustration

Did I mention that I am very intrigued by fashion illustrations? These illustration from Floyd Grey are brilliant. It perfectly epitomize beauty in simplicity. A few of these illustrations are my favorite(most of them are pretty good), because he uses sublime colours as it is radiant and yet it does not overwhelm one another. You can see more […]

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S(he) Bender

(Sources from, stylenoir and Come to think about it, it is absolutely insane how a person has the ability to reach out to such high degree of versatility. There was Lea T a transvestite model from Brazil and there goes Andrej Pejic.. However, he does not have a sex change but he is […]

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