S(he) Bender

(Sources from nymag.com, stylenoir and belieberfiles.com)

Come to think about it, it is absolutely insane how a person has the ability to reach out to such high degree of versatility. There was Lea T a transvestite model from Brazil and there goes Andrej Pejic.. However, he does not have a sex change but he is known for his delicate yet sharp features and he definitely has the extra factor that makes him eminent amongst most models. In reality, female models are garnered more attention and fame as compare to the opposite, but Andrej is seen as the “perfect fit”. I have knew about him since few year ago, but blithely unaware how fantastic he was(I can be quite ignorant at times) until I saw a featured of him at The Cut wearing skirt looking so chic. So, yeah, here I am talking about how much I admire him and I happen to think that he is pretty balance as a man and a woman. I have seen a couple of sHE but they often appear “too much” with their behaviours, make up and dress in kinky clothing hence appearing like a drag queen( speaking of a self observation).


One thought on “S(he) Bender

  1. very interesting observation, Come to think of it, most cross dressers i know about don't give out this classy look.and i like the way you write on your blog,brief but informative, it doesn't drag on like many blogs. you got a fan here 🙂


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