Now you are a star

Boop boop ba dop~~~ Daria recited this phrase from iconic glamorous cartoon from Betty Boop. Daria is a star.. I love Daria since I was a teenager. I remember reading her interview in Cleo Magazine over and over again because she is effortlessly chic, she is free spirited- she loves the sea, she is artistic( I admire people with an artistic flair), she can hypnotize you by looking at you right in the eyes and she is surprisingly low profile.

Since I was a kid, I was never interested in Betty Boop. In fact, I am the powerpuff girls, popeye the sailorman, the little mermaid, kind-of-girl. Down in memory lane, i remember my cousin, Krystal used to telling me how she like Betty Boop because of her glamorous and pixie- like features such as large round eyes and large head(she can relate to that) hahhaa, I kid.Till this day, I have no idea what gives the illustrator such inspiration to create such unique character. Come on~~ flat face, tiny nose, large apple-shape- head, hour glass body in her statement cleavage cinch waist dress. Its pretty brilliant, me thinks.


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