IF only…

Dress from Motel Rocks, Long knit cardi from Just jeans, Joint rings from Lovisa, and bracelet from  Accessorize, and booties from Charles and Keith.
Its Monday, the least productive day I have had because unlike my usual monday blues, I am strangely more productive and doing more stuff. As I woke up this morning, I already know that today is going to be one of those lazy and lousy monday. The reason why I’m so demotivated its because I’ve had too much fun over the weekend. The inner child in me loses the motivation to focus on my studies. Not to mention that I have three assignments due next week- staring blankly at my case studies- the words appear more boring than ever. Yeah, I know the life of a student- the easier life as compared to the real adult life. My life is always revolving around assignments, test, fun, fashion and friends hence the easy life. Not to mention that part time job hunting was unsuccessful, meaning more time to have fun. I guess like the book The Secret once stated, if things didnt run as planned; What are the things you are grateful for?? Feel the gratitude.. focus on what you have right now that you are grateful for My life is good. 
I know the colour of the dress isnt as spring as it is, but I like orange- I have bought it since last year. So, the weather was great, thus I decided to flaunt it at the botanic garden. I paired it with a a creamy long knitted cardi to tone down the vibrant orange colour. Also, I have change the original plain orange buttons to oxidize gold. I like the texture of my hair in the first picture 🙂 
Ok, I will be more productive tomorrow. Ciao!

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