My take on NYFW SS 2013!

There are a couple of stuff I would like to talk about. I have completed my assignments since last week and have been slacking ever since. Wait! Haven’t I mention this before- student life can be stressful(at a certain level) and boring(due to assignments and exams). Its like the same old cycle from the first year till the end of the whole course.

NY fashion week have ended since last month- which one of my fave youtubers, Jenn Im from clothes encounter get to go. I like her, she is pretty cool and funny. The current talk of the week, Paris fashion week.Although I do find myself profoundly intrigued by some of the shows from NYFW, I have selected a few looks from some of the runway. I compile these pictures of my favorite looks to make it more neat and organised.Easy on the eye, as compared to the runway looks that I posted before. Its too lengthy and redundant. So, I modified the looks of my current favorites.


 Rebecca Minkoff(Left) and Peter Som(right)
I am totally crazy about floral pastel and white trousers or anything paired with white. It gives the whole look a clean cut, which is the reason why I place Minkoff and Peter S. together.  Since I was a kid, I love bandana. This look at the bottom centre exude a smart retro look. Its nice to finally see bandana on the runway.

 Prabal Gurung(left) and See by Chloe(Right)
I select this looks from PG and Chloe because it has a cool laid back attitude. PG plays around with mixture of red and white, head to toe black and white with very little pattern involved whereas Chloe  colour block- spring colours in soft sheer fabrics- making the collection appear relax; in the other hand, leather jacket and rain coat was added to the collection.

 Zac Posen(left) and Marchesa(right)
Okay, as you all know Zac is one of Coco’s best friend. Not only that I like the gown, I like it own her.  She just look good in almost everything. The cream gown gives out opulence and grand- much better than the ordinary cinderella gown. I select this looks because I have a thing for tulle and chiffon, in fact, my absolute favorite is this grey bustier dress in tulle. I love tulle.

Marchesa’s collection reminds me of the Indian wedding gowns in white- that was what come to mind.  The embroideries on the shoulder and hips is absolutely brilliant and stunning. Marchesa has always implemented an ethereal quality in their beautiful gowns. This collection have both mixture of old and modern approach.

Rodarte(left) and Jenny Packham( right) 
The one thing came to mind in Rodarte’s collection is balance- the balance between appropriate mix of colours and patterns without clashing both elements. 
Jenny Packham’s collection is rather simple and sophisticated. Less is more. From top to bottom, the make up is rather simple, hair is lightly pin up leaving a side pony tail- my absolute go to style, allowing the dress and accessories to stand out by its own. 
Phillip Lim 3.1
I would wear this looks everyday. I can totally relate to his collection. Its all about mixing and matching. There are mixture of plaids, leathers,anoraks and knits. I like how it looks effortlessly cool especially the sheer plaids. Who wouldn’t love sheer plaids whether its a dress or top? 
So, let me know what you think on the comment box below regarding my description and look compiled on the collection? I chose and described this collections based on my own preference, not on the designers point of view or public point of view whatsoever. Till my next update. Bye. 

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