The Inspiration

(pictures from pinterest)
So… as I am writing this, it have been raining and gloomy because is spring. I love spring, but I dont like the temperamental weather. I am all about the sunshine. I guess I am a mid spring, summery kinda girl. Regardless, the weather doesn’t really affect me. I still feel happy and chirpy despite the weather except that it makes me lazy and prone to naps. So, my latest inspiration(obsession) is black and gold. I’ve always thought I will never ever be able to pull black accessories because it look major clash on me. However, black with gold accent really blend in, mainly because I am Asian. Juz kidding. I have a warm skin tone with beige and slightly yellowish undertone. Black and gold exudes opulence with an edge. I am totally up for anything with gold or black sequin. I bought a gold and black stone necklace which I will show later in the next outfit of the day. Who knows? on the day I get married, I could persuade my bf to buy me a gold ring with black stone or get myself instead?
  Its been raining, I couldn’t get good spot to shoot. Alright, ciao!

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