(JeanWest sweater,Ksubi, and MNG shorts, Charles and Keith boots)
An outfit that I just put together during a seemingly cloudy and chilly wednesday morning. I decided that I should pair it with my trusty 3 year old boot which I have abandon for quite sometime especially at most times, I \would resort to flip flops- feeling absolutely nonchalant. The first time I saw this knitted number in one of JeanWest outlet store, reminded me Isabel Marant’s ss2011 as I have always been intrigued with what Parisian rock and roll icon has got to offer. And yes, finally I have made my purchase on my new Ksubi shades. To me, I never wanted to simply resort to making a purchase- I knew that I would stop loving it one day. That usually happens when I start buying impulsive especially at such low prices- chances are you will buy more that what you actually need. I once bought a michael kors shades which I bought for the sake of buying and its neither cheap, just affordable and at times when options are limited, one would choose one that  merely satisfy. Suffice to say, choose wisely and take all the time you need. 


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