Kate Bosworth for Topshop

Kate Bosworth sings to Winter Wonderland takes my breath away with her angelic voice. The sort of music playing on repeat while I would curl up in my bed like a foetus during the cold christmas nights. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Christmas in Nz isnt like other countries as its summer this time of the year. I may not be a Christian and does not actually celebrate Christmas but I like the whole idea where everyone get together, eat lots of good food and have a good time. Back to Kate, I really love the sparkly maroon dress she wore for the campaign. If I saw a dress with long sleeves and back cut outs, I am on board. Its just how I would like it since it complement my body by elongating length of my body and giving a more slender and better body structure. What I am really drawn to this campaign is that when she turn her heels, her maroon stilettos dazzled on the grand piano like giving a tease to the audience. I am sold, I’d say.

Sources from dailymail.co.uk

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