A White Stick

(H&M basic, bag from Zara, Ksubi’s)
As you can see from my unfathomable expression, that is pretty much how I look when I couldn’t comprehend certain events. My best friend always tease me about this “angry” or he would put it in a sense that my expression is priceless especially towards certain people. The reason why I put up this unflattering picture of myself which is exhibited on the top row is because like he said, its priceless. I hate and like the fact that I am like an emoticon, at times fail to put a guarded expression to hide my thoughts. As much as I enjoy reading people, ironically hate being read and easily read. LOL. As for the outfit, nothing fails and most crucial item one must have in their wardrobes are basics. Although I do know some people either contains too much basics or too little, I would be the former and constantly feel the need to add on into my basics collection. I am trying my best to get out of this abnormality and find more one of a kind pieces. Have you ever experience this situation? or Am I the only weirdo in this planet? Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to whoever reading this. 


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