Cold and Blue

Photos by Rizal Aslie
Tie up dress from NastyGal, Loose cardigan from Cotton on amd Suede hobo bag from topshop.

        I have been an avid follower and customer of NastyGall when I came to know about it a couple of years ago. That was the time when I gradually improved my sense of fashion and style and Nastygal have provide a wide range of options- catering for different style and attitude. My perspective towards fashion and style have expanded ever since. Believe it or not, I was never the type that follow trends because I dont want to wear what everyone would wear which is exactly what happen in Christchurch. You could see the same top on different people in the same mall due to limited options. The trendier the piece, the higher the chance you would bump into your other “twin”. 
Anyway, a basic tied up dress which is quite similar to cut-outs blends well with anything long and loose fitting type cardi because it display a very breezy and comfy feel. As the weather is getting colder, layering is crucial in this composition. So,I would add on trenchcoat or jacket on top of all  that, subsequently toughen up the whole look. Its so much fun to layer and create totally different vibe just by adding or subtracting pieces just to alter the look from one basic piece. 

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