Inside Out

During the time when I can still call myself a teen-a-ger, watching Gwen Stefani pouncing and singing for No Doubt in a blinged bikini top on top of a white mesh tank didn’t strike me as anyway near appropriate. Of course, the self conscious teenager that I was before didn’t know fashion and wouldn’t know any better. On the contrary, designers and stylists have came out with numerous ways to make fashion more effortless. I was inspired. However,during colder days and I do mean very cold, when layering was design to build warmth. I open my closet pondering with the choices that I have at present. I asked myself,”How do I do this again?” My enthusiasm plunged heading back to my default outfit. 
Here I am, feeling so drawn to this collection. As I am obsessing over this piece of bralette or vest as pictured at the above can be so forgiving on a t-shirt/sleeveless. It is one of my favorite looks to say the least. T. Theory focused on layering; involving different colours- from shades, soft pastels to vibrant colours, making it easily translate to any season for that matter. An added bonus!


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