Smell and Feel Good

                                   Photo taken by Esther X.
  1. Ma Cherie– Some of you may have knew about this hair shampoo and conditioner. It’s an extensive range from Shiseido. The one I’m using at the moment is moisture which is catered for dry hair. I dare say it is one of the best hair products I’ve ever used. It really makes my hair soft and fluffy. I am not kidding. It might be the silicon but then again, I’ve used tons of drugstore shampoos that contains silicon and none of them give such outstanding results like this one. However, it’s slightly more pricey than most drugstore brands but cheaper than the branded ones. I got mine from Guardian at RM43.00 for both shampoo and conditioner. Oh, did I not mentioned how delicious it smells?
  2. Nars Sheer Glow- I super duper love this foundation. It has a dewy finish and a light to medium coverage. And, also very buildable. I’m planning on repurchasing this when I ran out. The shade I’m wearing is Ceylan.
  3. The BodyShop Vitamin E moisture cream– I switch my moisturiser all the time because I keep thinking that there are better ones out there. But this one is very affordable and it does a decent job. I have combination dry skin and the light consistency works really well for my skin. But this would never work for me in New Zealand. My skin was at it’s worst when I lived there. Dry weather doesn’t agree with my skin, I tell ya!
  4. TonyMoly tinted blush– I bought this for 5 ringgit and that is like NZD$2 in one of the TonyMoly outlet from Kota Kinabalu. I should have bought the whole lot if I knew it was that good. Later did I know, it was actually a free GWP from one of their promotion. The once I got was clearance sale. This tinted blush gives you that natural rosy flush. It’s too good to be true. They should make this tinted blush their core product. 
  5. Organic Lipbalm Choc High– For all chocolate lovers, this lipbalm is free of those nasty stuff. It moisturise your lips without the oily residue really soften and choc up your lips. My sister bought it from an independent seller from a bazaar at Publika. 
  6. Soap&Glory Face Wipes– I bought this because I ran out of makeup remover. I was in doubt at first because I didn’t know anything about the brand. I took the plunge and bought it since it was on clearance anyway. I was surprised by how effective it removed the gunk on my face including eyeliner and mascara. It leaves my skin clean and matte. 
  7. ButterLondon base and top coat– I will use this for the rest of my life. These dries almost instantly upon application.  For me, applying nail polish is a pain in the ass  because I tend to ruin it while its wet. Much worse, I don’t have a steady hand. And, I didn’t like nail polish that peels off when it started to chip. Butter London really nail it. 
So here is the end of my long dragging post. I think the longest I’ve ever written. What are your favorite beauty products? If you have one, please share with me. I am more than happy to give it a try or you can just skip this page. Good as gold.
Good night, everyone. Have an awesome day at work, school, or whatever you are doing. 
p/s: Those two pictures of me are test shoots. Illustration purposes only. 


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