Comeback: The Bandana

                   Outfit: Topshop basic, Zara pleather skirt and Bimba and Lola Bag

                                                              Photo taken by Fendiofnight

A bandana kinda day. When I was in high school, bandana was a commitment. In fact, bandana and beret were my go to. It pretty much goes with every outfit I wear. Until I saw a video from Insite Tv featuring fashionable people in Seoul Woman University, I decided to make a scene out of it. It have definitely amped up my casual outfit.At the same time, with the bandana, I was hoping that I wasn’t seen as one of those K pop wanabe. I mean those trends are awesome. But with the blonde hair and bandana, I don’t deny quick assumptions about me being a gimmick. But then again, who cares right.. I dress to impress myself. Yes, I am.  After this, a square printed silk scarf will be one of my wishlist. Especially the ones from Hermes. If I can afford one next time.


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