Roam Freely

Photo credit: Esther X. 

Outfit details: Michael Cohen Outerwear, Uniqlo White strip tee, Mango Shorts, and H&M sneakers.
Distraction takes over and there’s no excuse for lack of updates except that I don’t actually run as freely as I used too. Time is limited and 10 hours, 5 days a week, does leave any average person weary. At the end of the day, your bed is your haven. Welcome to work life, the reality. I am by no means, whining about work life, however one can’t help but wish they’re granted with 3 days weekend. It’s a reasonable demand, I reckon. 
Despite the limited time and “distractions” I have as of lately, here I am blogging. My sis and I miss taking shoots together. My creative platform let us roam freely, diagonally or horizontally. There is no need to do things in specific order, to follow a certain standards or what’s required. For this shoot, I went to my friend’s and requested to borrow his oversize fleece collar. My imagination fell into place. Sunday has been good to me despite the drizzle. The gloomy weather, at times, instill comfort, even to those who are only drawn to the sun.

Photo credit: Esther X. 


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