On today’s outfit, I paired this crop top with this colourful stripes high waisted pants. I thought it was a great way to hide those lower pooch belly without compromising myself from wearing the kind of top that look like it got shrink from the washing machine. That’s how I liked it. So until, I […]

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New York Fashion Week S/S 2015

Photobomb alert! It’s the time of the year, NY Fashion Week featuring all designers SS collections.  One of those nerve wrecking occasion-where dressing up is taken very seriously and not as non-chalant as we’d like to think of your everyday streetstyle photos. In fact, looking your best is a must! You got to act like […]

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LuvAj Ring of Fire

Here are a few selected photos from LuvAj latest jewelry line. It comes with more subtle touches and still retaining that same amount of edginess from their previous line. One of the best thing I like about this lookbook is their featured outfits. I’ve been loving this rad vibe and I just cant keep my […]

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The FAQs about Plaid

Yay, September is already here! As a proud virgo, I’ve always look forward to this time of the year mainly because good things come during September- ones that comes in form of voucher, ribbons, gift wrappers, cash and etc; Admit it, we all love birthday presents, even for a non- birthday believers. It brightens up […]

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