New York Fashion Week S/S 2015

Photobomb alert! It’s the time of the year, NY Fashion Week featuring all designers SS collections.  One of those nerve wrecking occasion-where dressing up is taken very seriously and not as non-chalant as we’d like to think of your everyday streetstyle photos. In fact, looking your best is a must! You got to act like you wake up looking like this and aware of your behaviour and expression. However, this doesn’t stop me from lusting over these streetstyle photos. This is one of those occasion where I could only dream of going. And, here are my picks, there are here for my inspiration and I hope it serve as yours. 

Images from: collagevintage, jeffthibodeauco,,harpersbazaar

Before I end this post, have you watch Jimmy Kimmel’s opinion on fashionistas in NY Fashion week? It’s hilarious, click play- it will definitely crack you up.

Have a cray-zy weekend!


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