On today’s outfit, I paired this crop top with this colourful stripes high waisted pants. I thought it was a great way to hide those lower pooch belly without compromising myself from wearing the kind of top that look like it got shrink from the washing machine. That’s how I liked it. So until, I get myself a flat abdominal, high waisted anything will have to do for now.
As you may have noticed by now, my fringe is a lot shorter and had finally put my contemplation to rest. In my book, having a fringe above the eyebrow is a ballsy act. I mean what do I actually got to lose? It’s just hair after all. And, well, what do you know? It turns out better than I thought. I’ve never felt entirely satisfied towards a new look. It’s usually loaded with self-doubt and question the looks appeared on every passerby.
I may have gotten some mix reviews- some really negative ones, but you know, you have come towards self acceptance when you don’t give a damn about what others think about the way you look and how you should look. And with that, no one can take anything away from you.

Outfit details: Zara crop top and Pixie market high waisted shorts. 
Photo taken by: Esther X. 

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