The fringe

Hairstyle plays a huge role in my book. Growing up, my hairstyle revolved from a center-parting Bruce Lee, loose tight curls to asian blonde hair(which I was mistaken as a cosplayer). Since college, I developed a special interest in Japanese and French fashion and style.
I’ve been into fringe for a few months. Having it cut in out of the whim with a paper scissor, I swore to never go back to the past. Until I come across Yuka Mizuhara above-the-eyebrow fringe, I decided to give it another chance.
Admittedly, fringe are tricky- not everyone looks good in them yet it makes the biggest different to the face, with just one cut. But, you come across those who looks just okaaayyy…. So what’s the reason behind this?
After much thought, I derived hypothesis that one should have elongated face in order to pull it off. Though they have charted out fringe for the general face shapes. I realised those who’re born with high cheekbone, pointy chin and poignant jawline will look best in fringe. Set aside my pretentiously scientific conclusion(as mind-boggling I may sound), it’s worth factoring in where you could enhance and what you can do to get there.
Check out my inspirational photos for my latest venture!
Alexa Chung
Audrey Hepburn(not that she needs any introduction)
Jeanne Damas
Yuka Mizuhara
Culumi Nakada

Have an awesome weekend.

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