The Yearly Reunion

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Apologies for my long overdue update, I’ve been slacking quite ALOT.  Frequent updating has never been easy as a part-time procrastinator. No specialised skill required beside, oh you know catching up for 6 hours insufficient sleep on weekdays, intoxicating with coffee, reading (while frequently checking on instagram) and snuggling with my partner. And I’m terribly good at it. I’m missing the weekends already as I’m writing this.

Chinese New Year was pretty quiet one for me. I expected more: the late night gambling session. I’m not a gambler but I do enjoy the occasional winning(not so much on losing). But the enthusiasm ended on 19 February 2015. Reunion dinner was pretty meh. The food was average. It took about an hour to get seated with prior booking; people from other tables scattering around checking on their order; while the others served themselves instead of being served. It was absolute madness but I’m surprised than angry.. which is unlike me. So yeah, that’s about it, the reunion dinner was a flop .

Nevertheless, meeting up with extended families is always the fun bit of Chinese New Year. Learning about what they are doing and exchanging gossips are really the whole point of reunion anyway. Only a few pictures were taken that day, I wasn’t really in the mood that day. These would do, right?


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