Beauty: Eyeliner and Mascara Favorites #1


Since my first beauty post, I decided to create a beauty segment on make up reviews and looks. Having committed a few beauty blunders in the past, I no longer dealt with raccoon-eyes, ghastly white face and pink lipstick that didn’t match.

I am no expert in makeup. Admittedly, people did bought into my suggestions of make up do’s and don’t, and recommendations during my BodyShop days in New Zealand. Really, no bragging intended! But it really surprises me. Perhaps, it’s the positive attitude; or the black-coloured dress code; or the fake professionalism. Whatever the reasons may be; I’m happy they did.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been a fan of Innisfree ever since they arrived last year at Sunway Pyramid. It’s a hit two birds with one stone for me. My usual routine involves fetching me some chewy Eggette, then drops by at Innisfree when I’m there. Yes, I actually pig out.. all the time. That’s how I do it.

One of my favorite beauty vloggers, Pony, has been raving about the eco-friendly beauty brand. So trying their Skinny Waterproof Mascara and Waterproof eyeliner seem to be the most relevant thing to do. I’ve been using them for a month now and I’m glad I did. Comes in a semi thick yet flimsy brush, the liquid eyeliner is easy to control and good enough to draw from fine to thick lines. As for my lashes, the super fine mascara wand magically grab on to every existing strand I have without smearing on  my lower lid or nose. That’s worth two brownie points for me.

I’ve found my best cheap secret that is when something works well but doesn’t cost much. I owe it to my  writing job for a money site where “more bang for your buck” is constantly overuse.So yeah there you have it, my best cheap secret. Until then.


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