Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015


Outfit: Top from Topshop. shorts from Factorie and Adidas Sneakers

Like most mornings, I would tune in the radio to Capital FM every time I get into the car. The DJs were talking about the Hot Air Balloon Festival. I decided to drop by last weekend. It was a hot humid afternoon and none of the hot air balloons were flying out until 6pm. I channeled my attention to the food tents despite feeling stuffed from my usual nasi lemak ayam goreng weekend routine. Rather than a Hot Air Balloon festival, it looks more like food bazaar. The only sort of entertainment I got from watching and smelling the smell of food floating in the air. I guess, you could call food-porn-scene. So if you’re here for photos of massive balloons, you are in for disappointment. The festival wasn’t exactly worth the hype. The rides are expensive and I can’t bring myself to buy tickets for RM300 of Hot Air Balloon Ride. So, we ended up spending a few hours trudging from food tent to food tent till we are finally ready to leave.


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