Pretty in pink. Colours aren’t my biggest forte. First, they are tricky to match. Second, I’ve tan skin. Though its not that one should not wear bright colours if they are tan. But certain colours I put on like turqoise, purple, lime green or any loud colours existing in the colour wheel don’t seem to complement me. Third, I’m often in a colourless phase and my most adventures colour is light blue. Unlike my sister and my cousin who love colours, they often scoff at me whenever I pick another blue or a white from the clothing rack.

After some time, I found what works for me by picking the right shade…mostly towards earthy, warm, neutral and pastels. So, this is my best attempt wearing colours. Pale pink is by far my favorite shade of pink. I spot this Zara pale pink dress on the rack at the 50% discount rack. The overall eyelet trimming is what attracted me in the first place. It would be a perfect addition to a few of my maxi dresses which are hardly worn. But hey, I just couldn’t find the right time to wear it. Ooh, I also love to show off a sexy back- Who doesn’t? The bare back of the dress doesn’t show off too much skin. A perfect dress to go on dinner dates; or having brunch with the girls. Dress it down or dress to the nine.


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