Spring Fling

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Outfit details: Top and Heels from Zara.

Lately, I’ve been getting a little bored with my outfits so I  add this little flannel number into the usual mix. Denim is my favorite kind of fabric. One can always get away with a good pair of jeans, or a denim top, or both! My favorite piece of accessory of the month is a handmade chain bracelet which makes a great complement to my denim skirt.  I was immediately drawn to it’s industrialized and rustic design when I spotted it at the bazaar. If my opinion on ruffles is anything to go by, I learned that ruffles can make me look bigger especially when it’s sewn on as a sleeve. Arms appear thicker- not flattering.  To my surprise, when ruffles appear at the right places, it can make me seem leaner because I repeat, it covers the right places when it appears at the right place. Does that make sense?


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