Are you comfortable in your own skin colour?

Growing up, tan skin was never something I was proud of but neither resented. But that clean and fair skin we see on editorial spread seem pretty attractive in which alot of Asian(Chinese, Japanese and Korean) would kill to have.  The hot sunny day isn’t exactly the best sight for some and you can see them running for cover, or at least have an umbrella with them.

Skin whitening treatments with its fancy supplement drips – Vitamin C, or E, or the invasive skin bleaching help  cheat your way around it making you look as white as snow. But they are too darn expensive… and dangerous? Skin lightening skin care products seem like the way to go. They promised me a few shades lighter and radiant glow after a fortnight**, don’t they?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I once considered drastic measure as such until I learn to appreciate the sun, or crave to feel the sun. When I was living in Christchurch, the only heat I got was from the heat pump and I was constantly bundled up in my winter jacket even during spring time. Sorry, I don’t do well with cold very much. Just when you think  you can expect to get some heat while you’re under the sun, well don’t be fooled, the sun is deceiving because it can almost felt like it’s never there with its harmful UV rays. All you get is unpredictable wind chill with increasing risk of skin cancer. Word of advice, never skip the sun block.

Living in Malaysia makes me appreciate the sun much more despite the occasional whining towards the scorching heat(which is absolutely normal!). If you haven’t already noticed the distinct tan lines left from my birkenstocks, yes, I’m a few shades darker than I was before which I’m pleased to see. But an even tan throughout would be nice, thanks! Having loved the idea of a healthy tan skin is like giving the Asian cultural idealization of fair skin – the middle finger.

Just to show you how tan I’ve gotten!

I’ve watched and admired Asian girls with that sun-kissed glow who looks absolutely carefree and comfortable. I thought how nice is that getting themselves out there without giving two f*** about how dark they are going to get.

All in all, I’m proud of my skin colour and I think to those of you who are naturally tan should totally embrace it. Now I have nothing against people who prefer fairer skin. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing the things you like. My thoughts are that people should feel comfortable with their own skin colour. I have a friend with a deep tan with this au naturale glow! For me, this is such a rare sight.

For more real life reference, “normal” girls who rock the tan skins are such as NellieLim, PrettyFrown, Margaret Zhang and GaryPepperGirl. So get inspired!

Ok. Bye.


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