Empties: FRESH Rose Review


Hi readers, it’s been a long time. I used up my previous skincare products I bought awhile back in Sephora Malaysia and thought I give you a mini review on them. I could sense your confusion with the lemons and eggs in the picture. But hey, flatlays is another form of art these days so anything you throw in will make sense…

Anyway back to skincare, I’ve tried Fresh’s Rose Hydrating Mask in the past. When I needed to stock up on a new toner and moisturiser I thought I try out Rose Hydrating and Toning Spray and Rose Gel Cream. I gotta say it’s one of the best stuff I’ve used so far.

Here’s a little stat about my skin.

  • Combination dry and sensitive( I tend to get itchy on the cheeks if a product doesn’t agree with my skin especially intense formula.);
  • Redness around the nose;
  • Dull and uneven skin tone.

If this sounds like you, you are going to LOVE this! As the name suggests, the Rose Gel Cream is in gel consistency and it’s hydrating and lightweight. Not one that claimed to moisturized yet can be quite drying times. I used it after I spritz my face with the Rose toner. What I like about this toner is I find it to be calming and therapeutic besides it’s hydrating and toning benefits.

If you can treat yourself to a DIY mask, I suggest you also splurge on the Fresh Rose Face Mask. My skin felt much softer and less tired the next day. It has texture of a rose puree and smell like fresh roses. Besides anything that smells like fresh roses is a deal breaker for me. It’s the real deal!

The next time you ran out, go and give these ones a try.


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