Empties: FRESH Rose Review

Hi readers, it’s been a long time. I used up my previous skincare products I bought awhile back in Sephora Malaysia and thought I give you a mini review on them. I could sense your confusion with the lemons and eggs in the picture. But hey, flatlays is another form of art these days so […]

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Meet OJO or “Oh Joe”

Like everyone else, my weekends are precious. So when Friday arrives, the one thing I look forward to is to stuff my face with food and end my day with a cup of single origins or mocha around 10 or 11pm. If you ask who would drink coffee in this ungodly hour, that would be […]

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My First Song Cover

I started singing since I was a toddler. I am not kidding. My mom told me that I used to sing in baby gibberish whenever my parents played my favorite mixtape. Funny thing is, the only memory I have of myself singing as a child was the time I sung The Carpenter’s Top of the […]

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Hunter Collection Fair

Outfit details: Jacket, Something Borrowed from Zalora and Top from Uniqlo, So this is what I wore to a bazaar.  I was at Jaya One for their Hunter Collection Fair at the time. The previous bazaar I went last year have kinda grown on me. It sort of gives me the hope to go get ’em […]

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Pretty in pink. Colours aren’t my biggest forte. First, they are tricky to match. Second, I’ve tan skin. Though its not that one should not wear bright colours if they are tan. But certain colours I put on like turqoise, purple, lime green or any loud colours existing in the colour wheel don’t seem to […]

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The Yearly Reunion

Apologies for my long overdue update, I’ve been slacking quite ALOT.  Frequent updating has never been easy as a part-time procrastinator. No specialised skill required beside, oh you know catching up for 6 hours insufficient sleep on weekdays, intoxicating with coffee, reading (while frequently checking on instagram) and snuggling with my partner. And I’m terribly […]

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