Pretty in pink. Colours aren’t my biggest forte. First, they are tricky to match. Second, I’ve tan skin. Though its not that one should not wear bright colours if they are tan. But certain colours I put on like turqoise, purple, lime green or any loud colours existing in the colour wheel don’t seem to […]

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Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015

Outfit: Top from Topshop. shorts from Factorie and Adidas Sneakers Like most mornings, I would tune in the radio to Capital FM every time I get into the car. The DJs were talking about the Hot Air Balloon Festival. I decided to drop by last weekend. It was a hot humid afternoon and none of the […]

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Just Have Some Fun

So my sister and I decided to turn the result of our hot and sweaty weekly photoshoot into something fun. The average personal streetstyle shoots we’ve seen on fashion blogs so far have been lacking in variation. So, we decided to spruce things up. Of course, it’s easy to conform with the way others do. As […]

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The Yearly Reunion

Apologies for my long overdue update, I’ve been slacking quite ALOT.  Frequent updating has never been easy as a part-time procrastinator. No specialised skill required beside, oh you know catching up for 6 hours insufficient sleep on weekdays, intoxicating with coffee, reading (while frequently checking on instagram) and snuggling with my partner. And I’m terribly […]

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Joe Chia Episode 1

Pictures taken by Esther X.  Two days ago, Joe Chia hosted a party showcasing his latest collection. Haven’t giving much attention to our local fashion scene, the only thing I knew was, Jane Chuck is fond of his designs.   But when I saw the invitation available to public, I decided to give it a […]

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Madewell Et Sezane

To me, the collaboration of Madewell et Sezane is perfect. It offers a great mix of the French chic and the American casual laidback style. The best thing about these collection is  that just about any person can pull the whole look effortless. Each article of clothing is easy to play around from skinny jeans, […]

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