Empties: FRESH Rose Review

Hi readers, it’s been a long time. I used up my previous skincare products I bought awhile back in Sephora Malaysia and thought I give you a mini review on them. I could sense your confusion with the lemons and eggs in the picture. But hey, flatlays is another form of art these days so […]

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Meet OJO or “Oh Joe”

Like everyone else, my weekends are precious. So when Friday arrives, the one thing I look forward to is to stuff my face with food and end my day with a cup of single origins or mocha around 10 or 11pm. If you ask who would drink coffee in this ungodly hour, that would be […]

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My First Song Cover

I started singing since I was a toddler. I am not kidding. My mom told me that I used to sing in baby gibberish whenever my parents played my favorite mixtape. Funny thing is, the only memory I have of myself singing as a child was the time I sung The Carpenter’s Top of the […]

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Spring Fling

Outfit details: Top and Heels from Zara. Lately, I’ve been getting a little bored with my outfits so I  add this little flannel number into the usual mix. Denim is my favorite kind of fabric. One can always get away with a good pair of jeans, or a denim top, or both! My favorite piece […]

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Head Over Heels

Image source: @tibi, yournextshoes,celebped,whowhatwear Heels… They are so pretty to look and oftentimes, I wish I can walk effortlessly while keeping my back upright and the ball of my feet are totally pain-free. Well, that is far from the truth. I struggle miserably. They aren’t comfortable to walk in no matter what people say about […]

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Hunter Collection Fair

Outfit details: Jacket, Something Borrowed from Zalora and Top from Uniqlo, So this is what I wore to a bazaar.  I was at Jaya One for their Hunter Collection Fair at the time. The previous bazaar I went last year have kinda grown on me. It sort of gives me the hope to go get ’em […]

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